Wellness Ruegen

The island of Ruegen has always been a holiday island and also the rich and famous can be found regularly on the German island and enjoy the tranquil surroundings. Many restaurants and cafes have adapted to the streams of visitors and the hotel tries to the needs of very different guests‘ needs. From the spa to spa holiday weekend. Supply and demand for hotels on the complaints result in a high-priced hotel scene for themselves. The Wellness Hotel Rügen is one of the top addresses on the beautiful island and home to a real spa.

Wellness Weekend, Wellness Hotel Rügen offer from use and experience pure luxury. Spa experience as they otherwise only celebrities to part. The Wellness Hotel Rügen this is possible, because luxury is the key here and is also reflected in the spa treatments. Exclusive wellness products that are enriched with caviar, are to provide recreation and beauty. Luxury is in the Wellness Hotel Rügen simple program and then every weekend offer from the Wellness Spa Hotel Rügen a highlight. Many of the offers include addition to lodging and board in addition a selection of spa treatments and of course drinks in the wellness area and restaurant. The glass of champagne is already on complaints about the standard and is simply good form.